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Kigna Ozula mini chaps - Sports model

Made in France

La SellerieFrançaise vous propose des produits hauts de gamme, made in France, uniques, sur mesure ou en série limitée fabriqués par les meilleurs artisans Française.

Mieux que le label Made in France qui ne garantie seulement que la dernière transformation a eu lieu en France, mieux que la certification Origine France qui ne garantie seulement que le produit prend ses caractéristiques essentielles en France, les produits proposés par La Sellerie Française sont fabriqués de A à Z en France avec des matériaux issues de notre beau pays.

Bespoke model.

Pair of leather mini chaps, sports model. Hand-crafted using traditional French expertise. Made for the ultimate in comfort, even on long distances, and extremely durable.

Made from calfskin/kip leather (from France), with 'motorcycle quality' elastic, elastic textile and separating zip, they are designed to keep you comfortable at all times, whatever the position of your legs. Leather lining and an anatomical cut-out protects all the areas likely to come into contact with the horse and tack. The zip on the outer side is slanted, and prevents any rubbing against the ankles and Achilles tendon; it also means that when riding (ankle curved inwards), the zip is not affected by the natural folding of the leather. As a result, it is less likely to suffer from excessive wear which could cause it to stick or malfunction. The elasticated textile strips are cut in an anatomical shape to fit the curve of your calves and move with you.

Entirely hand-made using traditional techniques (no machines), saddle-stitched by hand using hemp thread coated with beeswax. The model shown is the base model: the main leather, the trim at the top of the mini chaps and the thin leather strip along the edge of the zip can all be customised in terms of colour – with the stitching thread in the same colour. The direction of the single press-stud strap at the heel (fastening towards the back) and the zip (fastening from bottom to top) can be altered: please specify in the options.


- Choice of base colour: chaps leather + textile + elastic strips + zip)
- Choice of leather colour: top of chaps + thin strip along the edge of the zip
- Additional internal lining can be added to the mini chaps: choose from arctic fleece fabric (adds warmth) or leather (increased strength/density)
- Additional 2nd press-stud strap, symmetrical to the one on the heel, at the top of the mini chaps (both will run in the same direction)
- Additional aesthetic or exotic details (to match): mock croc leather, shagreen or patent leather insert in the triangular area at the top/front of the mini chaps
- Press-stud heel strap can fasten in the direction of your choice: towards the front or towards the back
- Zip can fasten in the direction of your choice: chaps fastening upwards or downwards


Note: in the visuals, the item shown may have a slightly 'floating' appearance as it was made to measure for legs which were slightly larger/wider than the model's.

Lead tile

A period of 2 to 4 weeks is required from placing the order to dispatching the product.

Product Return Policy

Can be returned within 30 days. The cost of returning the product is payable by the client. The artisan covers the cost of dispatching a replacement.

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